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Sunday , August 20 2017
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YouTube complete course in Urdu Hindi

YouTube complete course in Urdu Hindi

YouTube complete course in Urdu Hindi

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this post is about YouTube they are you find all about YouTube very men have YouTube channels and you want learn YouTube successful  I made some tutorials about tutorials if you want learning then you watch my all tutorials I have 30 tutorials advance  and  basics if you really want learn YouTube full a to z step by step then you watch my all tutorials very lesson watch less then 3 , 4 ,5 then you understand   a to z you

Which video I upload

If you want upload video on YouTube you should do this work fist make video upload video which people share they want you not upload who video which people not want and make video about new thing all people like news thing you should not upload other people videos in your channel if you upload Other people videos this he report to you then you channel is suspend then you login you channel

How make money on YouTube

Firs you monetize your channel than upload your videos if you not interest about YouTube then I have some tutorials which help with you watch all videos it is very usefully for you my all tutorials in Urdu Hindi language you watch this parts make money on YouTube , make money in Pakistan

How to rank YouTube videos in Urdu Hindi  if you want I rank my very video you do this work

  1. Use good for you videos tag
  2. Find best title how to find best title
  3. Share on social media like firs share on Google you id and other community Facebook and etc.
  4. Rite text in thumbnails
  5. Make good thumbnails for you videos
  6.    ten minutes it very soon rank
  7. Make news video which one not watch in other channel
  8. watch other video how rank video 
  9. Firs watch this tutorials rank 
  10. Keywords in description tag
  11. Reply your use  Comments
  12. You like video other Gmail id


  • My all tutorials
  1. how to use google adsense account Ads
  2. videos editing annotations cards
  3.  New talk & change copyright
  4. show earning in android mobile
  5. how to make  channel art
  6. upload other people  videos
  7. get more views
  8. get more subscribers
  9. Properly Tag Your Videos
  10. Download  Videos Playlists or Channels One Click
  11. google plus
  12. how to make video thumbnails
  13. download tube rank jeet 2
  14. rank videos
  15. Increase Google Adsense Earning
YouTube Urdu Hindi
YouTube complete course in Urdu Hindi FREE



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