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Sunday , August 20 2017
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i have 1 other tutorials about views in YouTube

how to get more views on youtube in urdu hindi

how to get more views on YouTube in Urdu Hindi

ello student toady is very big tutorial you all need this part because you have YouTube channel you need get views some people question on my you tube channel sir how get more views now i make this tutorials all my students if you watch this 3 bar then get more you should do like i do

if you want i know google adsense what is it how to use google adsense account Ads YouTube Website Blogger increase cpc policies In Urdu Hindi if you want watch this tutorials click hear 

Youtube Complete Course in Urdu/Hindi 


  1. fist you upload about new things
  2. scan make tutorials which one not ready on YouTube
  3. you not make a video other people
  4. you share your video on social media like Facebook twitter Instagram etc
  5. your share you video on site
  6.  you check my video 3 bar

if you like my tutorials then should share on you Facebook id group page and other social media like Reddit scoop and etc if you watch my video frame your share link then he very happy from you

if you have question then do in comment if my YouTube channel website Facebook twitter at very thing which one do you know me

this my other video link i though you most need because you use YouTube account you can check this all link and tutorials it for who people using YouTube accounts

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